Monday, August 10, 2009

Anthony Meynell & Squire - September Gurls 12"

01. September Gurls
02. Debbie Jones
03. Boys Don't Lie
04. Tired Of Hiding
05. Can You Tell Me When

1984 Hi-Lo Records | HIS005

Squire always stood apart from their more punky '79 contemporaries due to their distictly 60s revisionist sound and the uncanny song writing skills of Anthony Meynell which was rooted in classic English pop. They were one of the few bands to keep going after the press had left the mod revival behind, always operating in a time zone all of their own. Despite occasionally verging on the twee end of guitar pop, I was always quite fond of them. This beauty from 1984 featured a sterling version of Big Star's September Gurls, the rasping psych-pop of Debbie Jones with Meynell wondering when his ship will finally come in on the last track. And well he might have wondered. Squire were just one of those bands that were probably huge in some other dimension, but never this one. Despite pre-dating the jangly, guitar pop of Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub and the Stone Roses early work by some years, they would never really get their due. Of course that just means their cult status among retro heads is deservedly assured. Like Ed Ball, Anthony is still knocking them out to this day.
Squire: A Mod Biography

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