Monday, August 10, 2009

The Times - Blue Period 12"

01. Blue Fire
02. Stop In The Name Of Love
03. Tears On A Rainy Sunday
04. I'll See You In My Dreams
05. Boys Brigade

1985 Artpop! | Artpop No2

Nowadays it seems mods can listen to quite a wide range of non-mods acts without too much remonstration but back in the day, one had to tread a little more carefully. This wasn't easy, as there was a lot of ropey music around mod circles. Few bands at the time tread the fine line between 80s pop and mod music more precariously than Ed Ball's The Times. Maybe it was a London thing, but where I came from, admitting to liking this could have got you a kicking. I remember picking this up second-hand about a year after its release which probably wasn't a good sign to begin with, and I never really liked it much. The tunes were decent enough but the polite 80s pop production left me cold and why anyone would want to listen to their version of Stop In The Name Of Love instead of the original Supremes classic is beyond me. The band had a bunch of releases on their own Artpop! label from '83 to '86 before Ed went on to become a player at Creation Records, where he released further material under The Times name, and is still plowing his own furrow today.

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