Monday, August 10, 2009

Fabulous Records presents: A Fabulous Compilation

01. James Taylor Quartet - Blow Up
02. The Needles - I Want You
03. Living Stones - You Better Stop Now
04. The Otherside - Mrs. Jones
05. The Babelfish - Talk About Alice (Set Me Free)
06. The Girls - More Than Enough
07. Chocolate Factory - Baby What You Want Me To Do
08. The Offbeats - For The Millionth Time
09. The Candlesticks - Be My Baby
10. The Passengers - Take It away
11. Die Sache - Who's In My Garage?
12. Makin' Time - Crawling Up A Hill (Live)

1987 FAB Records, Germany | FAB-L007

Great compilation which I remember buying on account of J.T.Q., Makin' Time and The Offbeats track, which had appeared on an In The Crowd modzine flexi-disc (along with The Pictures) which I had lost. The emphasis here is very much on a sixties garage sound, with some acts pulling it off better than others. Highlights for me were The Girls, The Living Stones and The Passengers tracks while Die Sache, The Babelfish and The Needles cover of Bob Dylan's I Want You were filler at best.
As I recall, the inner was a nice, shiny, silver and black, op-art style plastic sleeve, which I probably sacrificed for the wall.
Sadly, I've no pic for this and couldn't find one anywhere, or much info on Fab Records either.

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