Monday, August 10, 2009

The Truth - Exception Of Love 7"

01. Exception Of Love
02. If Ever You Find Love!

1984 I.R.S. | IRS115

The A-side was taken from the group's Playground album, which I was very fond of, though again, they were one of those bands which divided opinions at the time. Basically if you were in the "it's ok to like The Style Council" group, you probably liked these. The sound is very similar to Weller's old outfit and the swinging lead track is quite reminiscent of Speak Like A Child, while the flip's soulful stomp echoes Solid Bond In Your Heart. Due to licensing complications, The Truth have yet to appear on a long overdue 'best of' re-issue, but Playground can be picked up here. The artwork on the single is credited to Terry Rawlings and Eddie Piller.

The Truth website

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