Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Second Generation - Spy-Catcher

01. Kick In The Teeth
02. Standard Life
03. Throw It All Away
04. Fate
05. Day Of The Triffids
06. You're All Mine
07. Spy-Catcher
08. Changing Faces
09. Thinking Of You
10. Pictures On My Wall
11. The Way You Were
12. Look Who's Coming

1988 Unicorn Records | PHZA-22

A Scottish band from Fife formed by vocalist Rod Spark, which would record this LP and the Throw It All Away EP for Unicorn in the late 80s. The album suffered from pretty ropey production values, no doubt due more to financial costs than the efforts of producer Jamie Watson. Recorded between two studios (Chamber & Energy) the album highlighted the bands 60s garage influences, with the inclusion of some hammond organ earning them comparisons to The Prisoners. They released another EP on Amazadisc a year or so later and split soon after. Rod now runs the Groove Tunnel studio space in Edinburgh while drummer Steve Mason would go on to greater success as main man of The Beta Band and King Biscuit Time.

The Second Generation biography on Groove Tunnel

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