Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Moment - The Work Gets Done

01. And With This Ring
02. In This Town
03. Flag To Fight Behind
04. Karl's New Haircut
05. Games We Played
06. One, Two They Fly
07. The Tailor Made
08. Just Once
09. In Front Of Men
10. The Race
11. The Work Gets Done

1985 Rave Records | RAVE1

Most 80s mods will have fond memories of The Moment who were one of the better bands out there. The sound was as much '79 than 80s with the usual Jam and 60s influences, backed by Adrian Holders songwriting skills. The added brass section gave the album, which was produced by The Times' Ed Ball and Paul Bevoir from The Jetset, some extra beef underneath the spiky guitars. This was their only album while Tangerine Records have since released a best of called Mod Gods! The Best of the Moment. In 2008, Adrian Holder released his debut solo album Whistleblower.


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