Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Various Artists - The Cutting Edge

01. Purple Hearts - Let's Get A Burger Man
02. The Risk - I Know A Girl
03. Beat Direction - Ska Au Go Go
04. 5:30 - Catcher In The Rye
05. XL - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
06. Manual Scan - Jungle Beat
07. The Blades - A Chance To Stop (Demo)
08. The Dansette - This Is Your Life
09. The Risk - Nice People
10. Solid State - Train To London Town
11. Squire - Debbie Jones (Demo)
12. Ministers Of The Groove - Getting Out Of Your Life
13. The Blades - Last Man In Europe (Demo)
14. The Dansette - I Will Be Strong

1985 Razor Records | RAZS16

I got this a few years after it was released at a time when my interest in the mod scene was waning, so my memories of it are quite mixed. At the time, it was considered one of the better compilation of 80s mod bands, though there was quite a range in quality and production. Of interest were the two Blades tracks which were alternate versions of those which appeared on their Last Man In Europe album. It also featured the first 5:30 (aka Five Thirty) single, who would go on to earn some praise in the UK music weeklies in the early 90s. The Squire track Debbie Jones was also an alternative version to that which appeared on the September Gurls EP, utilising what sounds like an early drum machine and some odd dual mono panning in the mix. I think this version may have popped up on their fanclub album Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed. One of the better things about the album was the artwork, credited to P. Hallam and Terry Rawlings, author of the book MOD: A Very British Phenomenon.

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